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@unitools/next-adapter (alpha)


  • Support for .next-web.{js|ts|jsx|tsx} file extension.
  • Automatic aliasing of @unitools/* packages to @unitools/*-next and react-native to react-native-web.
  • Transpilation support for react-native, react-native-web, @unitools/*-next, @expo/*, and expo-* packages.


To install the package, use either of the following commands:

Terminal window
npm install @unitools/next-adapter


Terminal window
yarn add @unitools/next-adapter

Then, add the following configuration to your next.config.js file:

/** @type {import('next').NextConfig} */
const { withUnitools } = require("@unitools/next-adapter");
const config = withUnitools({});
module.exports = config;